Wing-It Results

Well this years “Wing-It” design contest was a success.  The participants very innovative approach to a common wing build your own body any tail concept, really impressed me.  The designs were greatly varied. It will be interesting later to see the flying side of the equation.  Stay tuned for a flyer listing the dates for the airborne contests.  We will be having 2 Fun Fly type events at PMAC field and Skymasters field this summer.  The results for the judging “Static” part of the contest:


1st: Daryl Didyk / Swing Wing

2nd: Steve Kretchmer / Viper

3rd: Scott Taylor / OV-11

4th: Curt Spicer / Junkers J2


DSC07912 DSC07915 DSC07920


DSC07927 DSC07945


The next class the pilots voted on was Fit and Finish.  There were many nice planes on display this evening.  It was hard to pic a winner:

1st: Steve Kretchmer / Viper

2nd: Curt Spicer / Junkers J2

3rd: (Tie) John Hoover / Victor & Jim Satawa T Sport

4th Barney Bauer / Trenton Terror

DSC07925 DSC07913 DSC07911


Final Top 4 spots:

1st: Steve Kretchmer / Viper

2nd: Daryl Didyk / Swing Wing

3rd: Curt Spicer / Junkers J2

4th: Scott Taylor / OV-11

So pretty impressive field.  There was also a peoples choice which was basically the same at the pilots choice with Curt and Daryl switched.  My beautiful side kick helped with the refreshments :)


There were other contestants of course that may have not been in the top but I felt they built pretty cool models too.

DSC07933 DSC07919 DSC07948 DSC07944 DSC07917

Stay tuned for the flying portion of the event!

Good flights!




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