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Good Day,
While building my scratch built airplane designs often I like to use magnet hatches.  I usually drill a hole or Dremel an area to attach a magnet.  I thought a magnet hatch system might be useful.  If I need it maybe others would too.  I designed a prototype for 1/8″ lite ply and Mark at Retro RC helped me to “tweak” the design and manufactures them.
There are different shape mounts that allow corner mounting as well as center and bulkhead mounts.  There are 2 versions available: one is the system with 6 magnets, the other is just the wood piece use your own magnets.  The flat head screws allow the magnets to snap to them.
You could also glue a washer to the hatch.  In the future Mark will be designing a micro size as well.  Give it a try on your next project.  Priced $5.99 with magnets.
Good flights!
John & Tracie
Flightline Hobby

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