Flying 6-3 to 6-15 Training and a Scale Meet

The last couple of weeks have been wet but between showers we managed to get in some flying.  Thursday evening was training night.  I helped one gentlemen “Brian” that flew F-4 Phantoms earlier in life.  Brian’s grand daughter “Macy” was their too and did a bit of trainer cord flying on the clubs trainer.  Brian’s goal is to fly a model F-4 in the future. I did 9 training flights that evening, good nights work.

On the 13th we had a PMAC Warbird flying event.  I took my Fokker Dr I.  Joe Fialka did a great job.  We had steaks for the first 40 pilots and SPAM for some of the awards.  That’s one way (Food) to get modellers to show up!  There were even barrage balloons in the parking lot keeping an enemy fighter sweep at bay.  Always something new at Joe’s events.  The weather cooperated and we did a lot of flying.  I think we had 8 World War I birds in the air at one point performing a “Dusk” patrol. Curt Spicer was there as well.  Always good to see Curt, he is a good builder and fun to talk to. John Valencia came out with his family.  They would all cheer when he would land. Fun stuff.   Other local clubs RCCD, Skymasters, Holly Club and a few I forget were there.  Always nice when outside flyers attend.

John Hoover

.IMG_1270 IMG_1273 IMG_1274

Barrage Balloons kept the enemy sweeps at bay.

IMG_1267IMG_1276 IMG_1281IMG_1257

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