Das Fledemaus Foamy RC Depron KIT


Das Fledermaus was designed to be an Arena flyer with outside capabilities in light winds.  My grandsons were on a real “Bat Kick” so I designed a Bat shaped wing and have had alot of fun flying mine indoors  EDSC04243 BDSC03531 BDSC03631 DSC03975

arena and outdoors. You can fly around normally but she also will high alpha pretty well. The landing gear is nice too. You can practice touch and goes. The gear allows takeoffs from the arena carpet. You don’t have to hand launch the model. I would suggest the Fledermaus for a modeler that has flown and built something before. This is not the best first plane but makes a good decision for a second or third after you have mastered a trainer. You will need a radio that has Delta Mixing for the Elevon’s.  There is also an optional instruction step for a release to drop dollar store parachute guys.My grandsons loved that!


Wing Span –23.5”

Wing area – 300 Sq. In

Weight 6.5 to 7 ounces

Typical Equipment used on prototypes:

BP Hobbies A2204-19 Outrunner “Pancake” type

Prop GWS 8×4.3” range

10 amp brush-less ESC

2s 450-600 MAH Lipo

Servos – (3) Any 8.5 gram

Small light receiver.

We have a great power set up package part number “FP250″ if you look it up they are on Ebay as well.  Perfect match for the Fledermaus. All wired up ready to go.

Some unique features are:

-         Cool Bat shaped lasercut 6mm Depron Construction. Carbon fiber reinforced wing.

-         Tab and notch construction, self aligning quick building.

-         1/32” Plywood nose reinforcement.

-         Large surfaces allow aerobatics and good slow speed characteristics.

The Fledermaus fly’s really well and is very neutral to the controls.  A photo CD Rom with over 80 photos and step by step instructions make for a smooth build

I hope you enjoy your Fledermaus!


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