Control Line Flying

Today Steve Kretschmer gave his control line talk. He discussed the basic equipment and techniques for flying a UC model using a nice Power Point presentation.. Had a good crowd with some great questions. Thanks Steve! DSC03037 DSC03040 DSC03036 DSC03035 DSC03034 DSC03033 DSC03032 DSC03031

Mark from Retro RC stopped by and showed us some of his new free flight models including the science Olympiad rubber models. Nice day at Flightline Hobby.

My Bud Barney

Barney stopped by and decided to buy a new DX-9.  Nice radio I have one and I like it.  Curt helped him dust off the wallet.  While he was here he showed me a park flyer Bell X-1 EPP model he designed and has been having fun with.  The white areas are modificationsIMG_8682[1]

9mm EPP Bell X-1

IMG_8670[1] IMG_8683[1] IMG_8687[1].  Good stuff

2018 Fall Seminars

Join us on Saturdays this fall, Oct. 20 through Nov. 17, for informative seminars.  The seminars begin at 11:00 and typically last for 60 to 90 minutes.  Everyone is invited.  Come on in, share, learn and have a doughnut and coffee too!

Flightline 2018 Fall Seminar Schedule

Flightline 2018 Fall Seminar Schedule