Estes Blurzz Dragster

We received the new Estes Blurz dragster in-stock.  Pretty neat.  I watched a You Tube video of the car in action.  Looks fun for a father/Son/daughter project.  Easy to set up track (A 90′ line and parachute trip wire)  The car runs on pavement and is reasonably fast but not scarey fast.  I think kids will love it but they would need adult help setting things up.  $29.99 each in stock at Flightline Hobby.  You will need the motors A10PT, 9 Volt and some recovery wadding.  All in stock at Flightline Hobby.  Estes says:


Challenge your friends to a drag race
Dragster fully assembled
Track requires minor set-up
90 feet (27m) of race track
Carrying case stores racing gear
6″ parachute brake
Launch controller included
500 mph (804kph)
Assortment (NOTE we sell individual cars at Flightline) may include but not limited to:
- Blue Storm dragster
- Red Menace dragster
- Green Mantis dragster



Three Blurzz Rocket-Powered Dragster



Igniters (ESTT2305)
Recovery wadding (ESTT3556)
Engines: A10-PT (ESTT1505)
9V battery (FUGP4601)



Length: 11.25″ (28.6cm)
Parachute break: 6″ (15.2cm)


A neat product that some how has a Retro feel to me.  Fun stuff.



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