Blade Chroma

We received the new Blade Chroma.  Beautiful machine!  I think horizon felt the QX350 Name had enough numbers behind it so time to move on.  The Chroma reminds me of the next generation of QX350, but better.  A little bigger and loaded with features.  30 minute flight times.  I plan on carrying the BNF BLH8680 version for my Spectrum friends, no camera.  And then the CGO2 equipped version BLH8665 with gimbal, Blade 2.4 Transmitter ready to go.  Both machines and spare battery are in stock.  IMG_1339 IMG_1327 IMG_1328

Here are the basic specifications for the RTF:

Motor to Motor Distance: 15.7 in (400mm)
Rotor Type: Quadcopter
Prop Diameter: 10.2 in (260mm)
Approximate Flight Time: 30 minutes
Battery: 11.1V 3S 5400mAh Li-Po
Height: 9.50 in (242mm)
Weight: 45.9 oz (1.3 kg)
Motor Type: 4 × 780Kv Brushless Outrunner
Control Link: 2.4GHz
Video Link: 5.8GHz
Video Link Range: 1,970 ft (600m)
Satellite Navigation System: GPS, GLONASS
Completion Level: Ready-to-Fly

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