Rocket Man

Last evening Tracie and I had the opportunity to teach around 30 scouts from pack 185 to build model rockets,  We will launch them later (Raining).  It went pretty well.  All of the scouts finished their Estes Alpha III rockets from Flightline.  Some needed a fair amount of help some were pretty skilled and needed little..  The parents were super that showed up to help.  If these young folks represent our future, things will be just fine :)

Good flights!


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Joe Fialka’s paint the pilot Seminar

Today we had a seminar on painting and weathering pilot figures in a model. Joe did a great job of showing many options. He covered sources for pilots and some neat tricks to making them more believable. He used an overheard Monitor with a nice presentation. I enjoyed the talk. Next week will feature Steve from Skymasters discussing bomb release mechanisms for your RC plane and general linkage fabrication. 

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Hope you can join us at 11:00 AM


2-17-18 Soldering Seminar

Today at the store we had our Soldering seminar. Good turnout! Glad the folks took the time to swing buy and join us for some hobby talk, coffee and donuts. There were many good questions. I tried to cover the basics and share what I have found works as well as what does not. I enjoyed it and I believe the customers did too. Next week we are featuring Joe painting pilot figures. Come on in and join us.


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