Mega Bat Sport/Combat Model

IMG_1583 IMG_1584 IMG_1357 IMG_1290  20150803_102543 IMG_0921The Mega Bat.

I designed this model for my friend Scott at Mega Jets.  He has a 3d cutter and does a great job of producing foam based sport models. My goal for the Bat was to design a sport/combat flyer that local clubs could use for a “One Design” type combat event.  Turns out it is fun to just fly around as well even if you are not into combat. The goal was a strong but good flying combat plane for the 480 class of motors. We didn’t want crazy fast so as to endanger the crowd but fast enough to have fun and tow a streamer. So I designed the “Bat” to fill the bill. I have always liked the wing/tail blended shape airplanes. You can fly around normally but she also will high alpha quite well to a point with no rudder. She also handles the wind pretty well for her size. I would suggest the Mega Bat for a modeler that has flown and built something before. This is not a good first plane. This model does make a good decision for a second or third after you have mastered a trainer type.

Wing Span –34.3”
Wing area – 350 Sq. In
Weight 29 to 32 ounces

Typical Equipment used on prototypes:
BP Hobbies A2814-6 Outrunner
APC 10x6E
30-40 amp brushless ESC
3s 2200mah Lipo
Servos – (3) 10-11 gram (LS-11D Hobby People good choice) Or Hitec 65′s
4-6 Channel Receiver. 6 if you want elevator flap mix. 4 Channel is fine with a “Y” Harness

Some unique features are:
- Tuff ½” pink foam Construction. Carbon fiber tube reinforced wing.
- Tab and notch construction, self aligning quick building.
- Pre-cut pockets and channels for servos and carbon spars.
- 3/32” Plywood firewall and tail group for combat toughness.
- Large surfaces allow aerobatics and good slow speed characteristics.
- With recommended power system, you will achieve unlimited vertical and pull a streamer with authority.


Estes Blurzz Dragster

We received the new Estes Blurz dragster in-stock.  Pretty neat.  I watched a You Tube video of the car in action.  Looks fun for a father/Son/daughter project.  Easy to set up track (A 90′ line and parachute trip wire)  The car runs on pavement and is reasonably fast but not scarey fast.  I think kids will love it but they would need adult help setting things up.  $29.99 each in stock at Flightline Hobby.  You will need the motors A10PT, 9 Volt and some recovery wadding.  All in stock at Flightline Hobby.  Estes says:


Challenge your friends to a drag race
Dragster fully assembled
Track requires minor set-up
90 feet (27m) of race track
Carrying case stores racing gear
6″ parachute brake
Launch controller included
500 mph (804kph)
Assortment (NOTE we sell individual cars at Flightline) may include but not limited to:
- Blue Storm dragster
- Red Menace dragster
- Green Mantis dragster



Three Blurzz Rocket-Powered Dragster



Igniters (ESTT2305)
Recovery wadding (ESTT3556)
Engines: A10-PT (ESTT1505)
9V battery (FUGP4601)



Length: 11.25″ (28.6cm)
Parachute break: 6″ (15.2cm)


A neat product that some how has a Retro feel to me.  Fun stuff.



Blade Chroma

We received the new Blade Chroma.  Beautiful machine!  I think horizon felt the QX350 Name had enough numbers behind it so time to move on.  The Chroma reminds me of the next generation of QX350, but better.  A little bigger and loaded with features.  30 minute flight times.  I plan on carrying the BNF BLH8680 version for my Spectrum friends, no camera.  And then the CGO2 equipped version BLH8665 with gimbal, Blade 2.4 Transmitter ready to go.  Both machines and spare battery are in stock.  IMG_1339 IMG_1327 IMG_1328

Here are the basic specifications for the RTF:

Motor to Motor Distance: 15.7 in (400mm)
Rotor Type: Quadcopter
Prop Diameter: 10.2 in (260mm)
Approximate Flight Time: 30 minutes
Battery: 11.1V 3S 5400mAh Li-Po
Height: 9.50 in (242mm)
Weight: 45.9 oz (1.3 kg)
Motor Type: 4 × 780Kv Brushless Outrunner
Control Link: 2.4GHz
Video Link: 5.8GHz
Video Link Range: 1,970 ft (600m)
Satellite Navigation System: GPS, GLONASS
Completion Level: Ready-to-Fly

Just Arrived! 200 SR X Helicopter RTF

200-1          200

Product Description

Key Features

  • Engineered with SAFE™ technology
  • Panic button recovery
  • Beginner mode—limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit
  • Intermediate mode—increased control authority with self-leveling and a high bank angle limit
  • Experienced mode—full control authority with no bank angle limit
  • Brushless main and tail motor
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • 6-channel transmitter with four “AA” batteries included
  • Flight time up to 10 minutes
  • Flight battery and charger included

Needed To Complete

Nothing! Everything you need to get flying is included in the box, including the “AA” batteries for the transmitter.


New Product Announcement

Good Day,
While building my scratch built airplane designs often I like to use magnet hatches.  I usually drill a hole or Dremel an area to attach a magnet.  I thought a magnet hatch system might be useful.  If I need it maybe others would too.  I designed a prototype for 1/8″ lite ply and Mark at Retro RC helped me to “tweak” the design and manufactures them.
There are different shape mounts that allow corner mounting as well as center and bulkhead mounts.  There are 2 versions available: one is the system with 6 magnets, the other is just the wood piece use your own magnets.  The flat head screws allow the magnets to snap to them.
You could also glue a washer to the hatch.  In the future Mark will be designing a micro size as well.  Give it a try on your next project.  Priced $5.99 with magnets.
Good flights!
John & Tracie
Flightline Hobby