About John Hoover

John has been building and flying model aircraft for more than three decades.

Control Line Flying

Today Steve Kretschmer gave his control line talk. He discussed the basic equipment and techniques for flying a UC model using a nice Power Point presentation.. Had a good crowd with some great questions. Thanks Steve! DSC03037 DSC03040 DSC03036 DSC03035 DSC03034 DSC03033 DSC03032 DSC03031

Mark from Retro RC stopped by and showed us some of his new free flight models including the science Olympiad rubber models. Nice day at Flightline Hobby.

My Bud Barney

Barney stopped by and decided to buy a new DX-9.  Nice radio I have one and I like it.  Curt helped him dust off the wallet.  While he was here he showed me a park flyer Bell X-1 EPP model he designed and has been having fun with.  The white areas are modificationsIMG_8682[1]

9mm EPP Bell X-1

IMG_8670[1] IMG_8683[1] IMG_8687[1].  Good stuff

1st Wing-It Flying Event

The first “Wing-It” flying event went really well.  We had 5 flyers.  3 more are close to finishing their planes and should be at the next flying event.  Many, many spectators showed up.  The weather was great.  No attrition other than one flyer removed his landing gear in an unplanned fashion. The Skymasters field looked great.  Ivan fired up up the grill and fed the crowd.   The first round consisted of 3 carrier landings (3 50′ boxes) and a 15 second climb duration glide with a spot landing.  Results:

Name  Carrier 1    2    3    Score Duration Points Spot Points Round Total

Hoover   15  15  20= 50 Total=    5      1:35     4        22.8     5        14

Bauer     5  10   5 =  20               4          0       0          0        0         4

Taylor     0   5   5  =  10               2       1:06     3        42.3     4         9

Satawa 10  5   5  =  20               4       1:57     5        77.1     2        11

Stanley 5   5   0  =   10               2       1:05     2        60.5     3         7

The second round consisted of a bomb drop combined with a speed run.  IMG_8012(1)

Bombs can be creative too!

IMG_8011 IMG_8009

Jim and Steve “Gitter done”


Dave did a great job for his first contest.  3rd place!


Scott does a bit of nose maintenance


John’s “Victor” V tail


IMG_8004 20180728_1902281

Don keeps us honest!

The best of 2 score was used for points.  Results:

Name  Bomb 1     2         Point              Speed    1        2        Point  Round Total

Hoover       19         9           5                      5.4     5.8          5                10

Bauer          0          0           0                      0          0           0                0

Taylor         95.2     94          2                    14.3       9.3        3                 5

Satawa      76.2     100.8     3                     9.3     10.5         3                 6

Stanley       17.9    0.0         4                    12.5     8.7          4                 8

Total standing in order of finish:

Name                Points            Finish

John Hoover         24               1st

Jim Satawa         17                 2nd

Dave Stanley       15                3rd

Scott Taylor          14                4th

Barney Bauer        4                 5th

We have another flying event September 2nd at the PMAC field 3 PM.  Hope you can join the fun and root for your favorite flyer!

Jet Jam 6

The Jet Jamboree #6 is now in the history books.  We had a great time.  Good pilot turnout and excellent spectator attendance along with perfect weather (Maybe a bit hot 90+) made for a great day of flying.  Vic flew his turbine powered plane as a half time demonstration.  I did a quick interview about the model and Turbine related questions, seemed to go over pretty well with the crowd.  Lots of flying, the food was great at the Spitfire grill.  The runway looked perfect, the ground crew did an awesome job making the PMAC field look top notch.  If you missed the Jet Jamboree this year you should make an effort to come by next year.  It is worth the time spent.  John


Pilots choice awards.  Flightline gift certificates sponsored by Flightline Hobbies.

1st Scott Taylor Scratch built Mig 29 Fulcrum

2nd Vic Kerster with his Turbine Jet Cat

3rd Steve Seltmann Motion Venom

DSC08730 DSC08731 DSC08733 DSC08734 DSC08735 DSC08736 DSC08737

Awesome turbine sound.  Runs on diesel fuel.


Mr 1st place Scott Taylor.  Awesome Scott!