About John Hoover

John has been building and flying model aircraft for more than three decades.

COX Super Sport Trainer

  DSC02189 DSC02139 DSC02138 DSC02137 DSC02135 DSC02134.

Here is a cool old girl. The COX Super Sport Trainer.  A very nice example. Hard to believe this was a trainer though :) I remember these in the 70′s.  I learned to fly on a COX PT-19 control line before moving into self designed balsa models.  The wood models flew so much better but the COX had its place.  It introduced people to the hobby in a fun way that people could understand and conquer with some practice.

Here is a different type of motor. The Jetex. This one is a Scorpion 600. I had a 50 when I was a kid and managed to get it work pretty well. Bought the Pellets from John Churches hobby in Lapeer. The motor had a kind of “Ammonia” smell as it ran with a hissing sound. Just enough thrust to fly a light hand launch glider. Ran for about 5 seconds. Fun stuff!DSC00995 DSC00990 DSC00991 DSC00992 DSC00993 DSC00994