About John Hoover

John has been building and flying model aircraft for more than three decades.

Convair F-106A 1/24 Scale 6mm Foam RC Park Flyer CNC Cut KIT F6 Designed by John Hoover

I designed the F-106 to be an Outside Park flyer with Indoor skilled pilot Arena capabilities. I have flown
the F-106 in 15 + mph winds and she did surprisingly well. I have always liked the “Delta” shaped wings and have had a lot of fun flying mine. I would suggest the Delta Dart for a modeler that has flown a fair amount and built a few planes before. This is not the best first plane, building wise you could pull it off but flight skill wise you should be an intermediate flyer.  She is pretty fast and rolls very well. You will need a radio that has deltamixing for the Elevons.

Wing Span –19″
Wing Area –180 Sq. In
Weight 6.5to 8 Ounces (Typical prototype 7 oz.)

Typical Equipment used on prototypes:
1806 2300 kV Outrunner
Prop 5 – 6” range (Gem Fan 3 blade 5×4 on prototype)
15-20 amp brushless ESC
3s 450 Mah Lipo
Servos – (2) Any 9 gram 1 – 5 gram for rudder
A small light 4 channels plus receiver is required.

Some unique features are:
- Tough 6mm MAF Foam Construction. Carbon fiber reinforced wing.
- Tab and notch construction, self-aligning quick building.
- 1/32” Plywood nose reinforcement.
- Quick build, I can build one in one hour.
Foam Tac glue was used in the prototypes.

 This item is new in the pack, an un-built kit you need to build,  NO electronics the kit and hardware, laser cut plywood is included with a well detail instruction book.  The instruction book features cool 3d renderings of the model.  The first batch of builders commented they thought we had really nice instructions.

DSC07752 DSC07731 DSC07732 DSC07733 DSC07740 DSC07739 DSC07736 DSC07737 DSC07735 DSC07734


2020 Wing-It Part I

2020 Wing-It

On August 9th we had our annual judging and 1st flying event for our annual  Wing-It design contest.  As you all know, 2020 has been a strange one.  Normally we meet in April but the church venue was cancelled so we could not meet there for the static judging.  Skymasters President Pete was kind enough to let us use the field with some safe rules for our static judging part of the contest..  This allowed the judging at 1:00 and then the flying contest at 3:00.  We had 9 contestants, not bad.  Static scores were:


1st Ted Labbe Canard “You Can-ard” Ted also won the peoples choice.

2nd  Tie John & Glenn, we felt since we run the event we would nod our prize onward

2nd Barney Bauer

3rd Scott Taylor

The flying weather was perfect.  There was some attrition early but most did fine.  The flying was based on:

Duration from 15 second climb

3 – carrier landings (3 50′ boxes)

Speed run/bomb drop.  “Mach drop” I call it.  You enter a 600′ gate full power, drop your bomb as you go buy, go downfield and make a 180 degree turn away from the crowd and exit back out giving you a flight time.  Flight Contest overall scores:

1st John Hoover

2nd Jim Satawa

3rd Scott Taylor

The next flying event will be held at PMAC field September 20th at 3:00.  This i

s a flying event.  Hope to see you there!

Good flights!


DSC06943 DSC06933 DSC06934 DSC06936 DSC06937 DSC06938 DSC06939 DSC06940 DSC06942




Wing It 2019

We met Sunday March 28th 2019 at the Good Shepard Lutheran church (North of the store 2 mi) for the Judgment portion of the Wing-It contest.  The flying part of the contest will be held this summer and the dates will be posted shortly.  We had 15 contestants with a strong Spectator turnout.  I was happy to see the beautiful models with all the effort put forth by the builders.  Top 10 this year overall were:

Name         Points

1 – Ted Labbe      36

2 – Daryl Didyk    26

3 – Steve K.         21

4 – Barn Bauer    14

5 – Don Hines      12

6 – Gary Putman  11

7 – Glenn B.          10

8 – J. Hoover         7

9 – Greg Brausa   6

10 – Jim Satawa   5

Great job to everyone that attended.  I am looking forward now to the flying part.

DSC07360 DSC07361 DSC07363 DSC07364 DSC07365 DSC07366 DSC07367 DSC07368 DSC07369 DSC07370 DSC07371 DSC07372 DSC07374 DSC07375 DSC07376 DSC07378 DSC07380 DSC07381 DSC07382 DSC07384 DSC07385 DSC07387 DSC07388 DSC07390 DSC07391 DSC07392 DSC07393

Airbrush Seminar 11/10/18

Today we had our air brush seminar. Great turnout, thanks everybody! Joe and George did a fine job of sharing their knowledge about the tools and paints. There were many good questions and no donuts survived :) Next week we will “cover” Iron on coverings. Curt will cover a wing. Please join us if you can.

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