2020 Wing-It Part I

2020 Wing-It

On August 9th we had our annual judging and 1st flying event for our annual  Wing-It design contest.  As you all know, 2020 has been a strange one.  Normally we meet in April but the church venue was cancelled so we could not meet there for the static judging.  Skymasters President Pete was kind enough to let us use the field with some safe rules for our static judging part of the contest..  This allowed the judging at 1:00 and then the flying contest at 3:00.  We had 9 contestants, not bad.  Static scores were:


1st Ted Labbe Canard “You Can-ard” Ted also won the peoples choice.

2nd  Tie John & Glenn, we felt since we run the event we would nod our prize onward

2nd Barney Bauer

3rd Scott Taylor

The flying weather was perfect.  There was some attrition early but most did fine.  The flying was based on:

Duration from 15 second climb

3 – carrier landings (3 50′ boxes)

Speed run/bomb drop.  “Mach drop” I call it.  You enter a 600′ gate full power, drop your bomb as you go buy, go downfield and make a 180 degree turn away from the crowd and exit back out giving you a flight time.  Flight Contest overall scores:

1st John Hoover

2nd Jim Satawa

3rd Scott Taylor

The next flying event will be held at PMAC field September 20th at 3:00.  This i

s a flying event.  Hope to see you there!

Good flights!


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