Airbrushing Seminar 10/21/17

Today we had our airbrushing seminar at the store. Nice turnout. Joe and George did a great job of discussing Airbrushing basics. Joe showed how to do some panel line work and weathering. George focused on airbrush tear down and cleaning as well as color mixing and interpretation. There were many good questions and customers enjoyed the talk. Thanks for the greatDSC09615 DSC09614 DSC09613 DSC09616 presentation Guys!

Diverse Flight 10/18/17

Today (Like most days) we received some freight here at the store. As I was checking in the various goodies I realized how diverse are customer interests and the hobby itself is. Here are 2 examples; a 330 Helicopter rip-snorting 3-d machine and a Radian powered sailplane, laid back soaring fun. I can fly both reasonably well. And yup both are very enjoyable in their own way!

DSC09554 DSC09553