Johns Jet Jamboree 2014

2014 Jet fly PMAC, third time was a charm weather wise.  First two years were shall we say: ”Wet”.  We had 21 flyers sign up.  Our mass launch tied the old record of 12 jets in the air together.  Three clubs were in attendance.  Walt’s “Gulls over the dump” sums up the visual impact.  Swirling jets flying the pattern.  The group “Loop” is pretty cool.  Joe and George supplied the sound system which really added a nice touch, not too loud but good music and sounds added to the event.  Brian was a help with safety and the Microphone.  John Glenn’s “Spitfire Grill” fed the masses.  Glenn B. helped with the sign up.  Thank you everyone that helped out.  I had a great time flying the trusty “Habu2” and helping various flyers with there machines.  Good job everyone and thanks for coming out and making this our best jet fly yet.

**Also, check out the JET VIDEO under our Blogroll to the right!